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Coconut Process Machine



Coconut Extracting MachineCoconut Extracting Machine Model: CM 101 , CM 102 (2011-02-11)icon

Descriptions : The screw press system to extract coconut milk and the other juice can be
running continued 
The grating will be used to filter waste water to separate the fruit apart. Suitable for fruit juice , juicers herbs and corn milk.

Remark :

1.  Screw spiral can be rotated back to the front and rear. 

2.  Help in the case of coconut pulp, caught in the compression cylinder.


Coconut Grinding MachineCoconut/Fruit Grinding Machine CM103 (2011-02-11)icon


Descriptions: This grinding machine is suitable for grinding coconuts ,other fruits ,spices,

herbs, chemical products, food materials and e.t.c. It's very easy for use for crushing coconuts and other feeds into very small (powder) sizes




Coconut/Fruit  Grinding Machine CM104-BCoconut/Fruit Grinding Machine CM104-B (2011-02-11)icon


This model of quality and usage as model cm104,  it's different only designs


Coconut Deshelling Machine CM105Coconut De-shelling Machine CM105 (2011-02-11)icon




Descriptions: This coconut machine detaches the hard coconut shell from dehusked coconut fruit via a rotating disc cutter. An operator is required to hold the coconut  fruit during the
deshelling process.  It comes with 1 or  2 deshelling stations.


Coconut Fiber Extracting MachineCoconut Fiber Extracting Machine CM106 (2011-02-11)icon


Descriptions: Coconut fiber extracting machine designed to help bring coconut fiber or coconut  shell from a coconut in large quantities. Reduces labor and help to increase production.





Cutting Fiber Coconut Machine Cutting Fiber Coconut Machine CM107 (2011-02-11)icon

Descriptions: Designed with the blade to quicklyl chop coconut shells to fine sizes which helps  save time.


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